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Buddha's Trail
13 Days
Best Season: Oct - March


  • Rickshaw ride in the crowded lanes of Chandni Chowk.

  • Visit the largest mosque of India - Jama Masjid.

  • An imprinting journey through the Lord's footsteps. 

  • In Lumbini, visit Lord Buddha's birth place.

  • Marvel at the tree under which the Lord attained enlightenment in Bodhgaya.

  • Visit Vaishali where Buddha preached his last sermon.

  • Visit Kushinagar, where Lord Buddha died and attained Mahaparinirvana.

  • Excursion to Sarnath.

  • Boat ride in River Ganges.

  • Witness Ganga Arti in Varanasi.

  • Possibility of extension to Nepal, Bhutan or both!

Buddhism has it's roots deep within India, making it one of the most important destinations not only for Buddhists, but for anyone who follows Lord Buddha's trail. It was in India that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and it was here that he preached his first sermon. With such events taking place within the vicinity of India, the importance of Buddhism cannot be ignored. 

On this tour, we take you on a calm and spiritual journey, following the footsteps of the Lord.  We first fly to the City of 'Nawabs' - Lucknow, from where we drive to Sravasti.  In Sravasti, Lord Buddha had performed numerous miracles and where he displayed a million - fold manifestation of himself.  We visit the birthplace and deathplace of the Lord - Lumbini and Kushinagar respectively.  Apart from these, we visit some other important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India. 


The tour provides an insight into Buddhism and how Lord Buddha came to be preached by millions all around the world.

Also, there is a possibility of extending the tour to Nepal, Bhutan or Nepal&Bhutan both. 

Route Map
Indo Journeys Pvt. Ltd | Travel
Indo Journeys Pvt. Ltd | Travel
Indo Journeys Pvt. Ltd | Travel
Indo Journeys Pvt. Ltd | Travel
Indo Journeys Pvt. Ltd | Travel
Day 1 - Departure
Depart from your home country.
Day 2 - Delhi
Arrival at the International Airport, where you will be warmly welcomed by our representative and transferred to hotel. Later, we do an amusing rickshaw ride in the narrow lanes of the medieval styled shopping haven of Chandni Chowk. The ride is a very interesting one. We also visit the largest mosque of India - Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque). The mosque can accommodate about 25,000 people at once. On our way back to New Delhi, we drive by India Gate, Parliament House and President's Estate. Overnight in hotel.
Day 3 - Delhi / Lucknow / Shravsti
We transfer to the airport for morning flight to Lucknow, which is known for its Courtly manners, beautiful gardens, poetry, music, and fine cuisine patronized by the Persian-loving Shia Nawabs.  We arrive and visit the city.  In the afternoon, we drive 150 km / 4 hrs to Shravasti.   Overnight in Hotel.
Day 4 - Shravsti / Lumbini
After breakfast, we visit Shravasti where Lord Buddha performed a number of miracles. It was in Shravasti that He displayed a million - fold manifestation of himself, seated on a lotus with fire and water radiating from his body.  The town also played host to Lord Buddha for 24 rainy season in the Jetvana Gardens.  In the afternoon, we drive 100 km / 3 hr to the birth place of Buddha - Lumbini.  Buddha took birth in the form of Prince Siddhartha, and it was after attaining enlightenment under a Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya that he became Lord Buddha.  Overnight in Hotel.
Day 5 - Lumbini
Lumbini is also known as Tathagata. The place has several beautiful shrines, which have been built by devotees from different Buddhist countries.  A visit to Lumbini does not only provide spiritual enlightenment but also solace and satisfaction with its calm and peaceful environment.  It is said that Buddha himself identified four places for future pilgrimage – the sites of his birth, enlightenment, first discourse and death.  All these events happened outside - in nature, under trees.  Overnight in Hotel. 
Day 6 - Lumbini / Kushinagar
After breakfast we drive to Kushinagar.  Kushinagar is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India. It is here that Lord Buddha died or attained Mahaparinirvana.  We visit temples, which are built by Indian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Thai, Burmese, South Korean, Tibetan and Japanese Buddhists. Besides these temples, there are ruins of many ancient monasteries and Stupas.  Overnight in Hotel.
Day 7 - Kushinagar / Vaishali / Patna
Drive 275 km / 7 hr to Vaishali, the place where Buddha preached his last sermon announcing his approaching Nirvana.  Visit Stupas, holding urns containing ashes of the Buddha and Ashok Pillar, which were erected by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka to mark the place sanctified by Buddha.  Further drive 75 km / 2 hr to Patna for the overnight in Hotel.
Day 8 - Patna / Nalanda / Rajgir
Drive 90 km / 2 hr to Nalanda, world’s oldest University founded in 5th century BC.  It was an important Buddhist center until its sacking by the Afghans in the 12th century.  When Chinese scholar and traveler Xuan Zang visited here in 685 AD and 762 AD, about 10,000 monks and students resided here.   The extensive brick-built remains include the Great Stupa, with steps, terraces and a few intact votive stupas around it and the monk’s cell.  We also see Archeological Museum.  Further drive to Rajgir. Overnight in Hotel.
Day 9 - Rajgir / Bodhgaya
Rajgir is an another important Buddhist pilgrimage site as Buddha spent 12 years here and the first Buddhist council after Buddha attained nirvana was held here.  We visit Borobar Caves - the earliest examples of rock cut sanctuaries.  Most impressive craftsmanship of carving and inscriptions can be found there.  These caves are also the inspiration of the setting of E.M. Foresters “A passage to India”.  In the afternoon, drive 80 km / 2 hrs to Bodhgaya. Overnight in Hotel.  
Day 10 - Bodhgaya
Bodhgaya is one of the holiest pilgrimage centers of Buddhist.  It was here that Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. After breakfast, we make a city sightseeing tour of Bodhgaya.  Some of the important places that we visit are Mahabodhi temple, Japanese and Tibetan monasteries, Magadha University and the Museum.  Overnight in Hotel.
Day 11 - Bodhgaya / Varanasi
After breakfast drive 250 km / 6 hrs to Varanasi, the city of Learning. Watch Ganga Aarti in the evening at Ghat. Overnight in Hotel.
Day 12 - Varanasi / Sarnath / Varanasi
Early morning boat ride on river Ganges and visit to the temples.  Afternoon excursion to Sarnath, the principal centre of Buddhism.  It was here around 530 BC that Lord Buddha preached his first sermon after attaining the enlightenment at Bodhgaya.  Drive back to Varanasi for the overnight in Hotel.
Day 13 - Varanasi / Delhi / Departure
After breakfast drive to airport for flight to Delhi.  Arrive in Delhi and transfer to hotel.  Rest of the day at leisure.  Later, transfer to international airport for your flight back home.
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